nebulous beginnings & strings

A coffee table book collaboration between
Winslow McCagg & Alicia Cahalane Lewis.
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nebulous beginnings and strings is an artist’s lament. Hurry up and start winning with lightning link online pokies at our casino. Limited supply! It is the song, long ago sung, of an artist’s relationship to earth. You’ll find the best online casino here, you have time to get it! Asking us to grieve for a planet that recoils in today’s knowledge, the poetry and paintings return us to our place on an earth teaming with potential, direction, and compositional construction. The earth is stardust. And the burden of her grief is the weight of thousands of years of neglect. How do we create and envision a new earth? How do we return to her nebulous beginning?

About the Painter and Poet


Winslow McCagg continues to live and breathe and occasionally paint something he hopes gives or takes meaning from the rubble of the Universe. His sense is nothing is real (particularly post-Beatles) so don’t make it so, and therein lies the truth to which poetry and painting try to articulate.


Alicia Cahalane Lewis is an accomplished poet who sees to the vibrational spirit of things. Winslow himself remarked that his paintings and her poetry are conversations. They are about the ultimate predicament: mankind and this planet, the only rock we will ever know, or live on in any vibrant way.